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I have an XML document with some sample content like this:

 <![CDATA[Hello World]]>

I'm parsing the above XML in JavaScript. When I try access and render the Hello World text using xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("someTag")[0].childNodes[0].textContent all I get was a blank text on screen.

The code is not returning undefined or any error messages. So I guess the code is properly accessing the message. But due to CDATA, it is not rendering properly on screen.

Anyway to fix the issue and get the Hello World out of this xml file?

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If you're running Firefox, maybe this is the issue you're having. The behavior looks very similair... The following might do the trick:

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Note that Firefox's behaviour is absolutely correct. someTag has three children:

  • A Text node containing the whitespace between the <someTag> and <!CDATA. This is one newline and one space;
  • the CDATASection node itself;
  • another whitespace Text node containing the single newline character between the end of the CDATA and the close-tag.

It's best not to rely closely on what combination of text and CDATA nodes might exist in an element if all you want is the text value inside it. Just call textContent on <someTag> itself and you'll get all the combined text content: '\n Hello World\n'. (You can .trim() this is you like.)

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