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What are the good wysiwyg HTML editor controls based on ActiveX?

There are two editors I have found so far, both are good but also have some shortcomings. I am looking for a better alternative.

  1. nBit HTML ActiveX Control
  2. XStandard Pro XHTML WYSIWYG Editor

Javascript based HTML editors are not relevant in my context. I want to add the HTML editor control to my desktop application (using OLE).

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I think you could still use JavaScript in a WebBrowser Control. –  Henk Holterman Sep 28 '10 at 7:44
We are currently using nBit. We use OLE commands to get/set HTML contents from the editor control into our application. I will try this idea but this adds an extra layer and may not work well. OLE > WebBrowser Control > JavaScript based editor. –  M K Sep 28 '10 at 7:47
It appears that because of the popularity of JavaScript, ActiveX-based controls are no longer in vogue. XStandard is the only good ActiveX-based editor that is still being actively developed, as far as I know. –  M K Sep 29 '10 at 3:56
Why do you think that XStandard is "still being actively developed"? What are its shortcomings, for which you are looking for a better alternative? –  ChrisW Oct 2 '10 at 23:49
Correction: XStandard had a more recent update compared to nBit. I am not aware whether developer will release an update in future. On shortcomings, our clients are pasting HTML containing the font, styles, etc, tags into editor control. XStandard being CSS/XHTML compliant strips such tags; so it is not the ideal solution for our case. As for nBit, it preserves the HTML formatting tags but we hit another issue. When HTML is copy/pasted into nBit control, it strips all code up to and including <Body> tag. –  M K Oct 4 '10 at 7:23

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