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When I tap a cell in UITableView then the cell is selected and show selection with blue color.

But duration the loading next when a tap to one another cell that is also show as selected with blue.

Can I stop multiple selection in a UITableView? or deselect the cells for selection after one cell is selected? and also allow to be selectable when i return to this view.

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could you mind to provide more information or show part of your code to us? It is difficult to debug if there is just some text description. – Questions Sep 28 '10 at 8:44

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Best to use:

[your_UITableView setAllowsSelection:false];
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Every tableView has the method -deselectRowAtIndexPath:. You can use it whenever the user taps a cell (inside the -didSelectRowAtIndexPath:) or any other spot you want to use it.

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