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Do we have any function which returns all the error messages while validating a form?

I have tried using the defaultshowerros() function but it returns the error message for the element it is currently validating. How can I get all the error messages of the whole form?

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could you provide a link to the validation plugin you are using? Or even better some source code :) – Flatlin3 Sep 28 '10 at 8:47
I am using this plugin – Vaibhav Jain Sep 28 '10 at 8:49
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If you store a reference to the validator, for example:

var validator = $("form").validate();

You can call .errors() or .invalidElements() at any time on it, for example:

var errors = validator.errors(); //get the error elements, the actual labels
var errors = validator.invalidElements(); //the invalid elements themselves

If you're not really after the errors and just want them to appear in once place, use the built-in errorLabelContainer and wrapper options, for example:

<ul id="errors"></ul>

And reference that:

$("form").validate({ errorLabelContainer: "#errors", wrapper: "li" });

And your errors would appear all in that list, which is also automatically shown/hidden if there are/aren't any errors.

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The validation plugin should show an error beside the field where the error is. Are you using id's for your input boxes? If so use a name as well and give jquery the value of the name attribute in your rules and messages. Hope this helps.

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