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following situation: I am running a MSSQL Server 2005 on a virtual pc. The vpc(Windows Server 2003) and my host system(Windows 7) are connected with a loopback network adapter. I can ping the vpc and I can access the web application running on the vpc. But I am not able to connect to the database from my host system with Sql Managment Studio. Firewalls of both systems are off.

Any ideas?


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It would help to know what hypervisor you're using. Also, why aren't you using your real NIC for this ? –  Stephane Sep 28 '10 at 9:24

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This is connected with security changes made in Windows 7 (and Windows 2008 R2) in comparison to Windows Vista (Windows 2008) and all previous versions of Windows-es, respectively Windows XP (Windows 2003).

This changes prevent connection to loopback ip-address from non-loopback one on Windows 7 (2008 R2) but in any previous Windows-es. This is your case.

Though, it seems undocumented.

See related discussions and follow sublinks in them:

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Thanks for the info I will have a look at this. –  xela123 Sep 29 '10 at 12:36

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