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Does anybody know what large companies are currently using agile iconix process??

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The only ones I know are the one I could find on the ICONIX Software Engineering corporate website:

Case studies: see how ESRI Professional Services, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope are succeeding with ICONIX Process

I may be wrong but to me, the ICONIX methodology isn't really widely used and it looks more like a way to sell their Enterprise Architect product.

And personally, I never had big successes with too much UML centric approaches (à la MDA).

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thanks for your reply. so how do you come up with a design? – Somedeveloper Sep 28 '10 at 16:25
@NBrowne I don't think specifying everything in a UML model is required to come up with a design. – Pascal Thivent Sep 28 '10 at 16:33

I tried in one of my agile project, in a very large enterprise project.

It didn't worked very well, so I fall back to the standard agile process.

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I like the process and used it well in several projects. I just want to give some of my thoughts on it:

  1. Iconix is based on domain driven design. Domain comes first. This is fine, however we need to be aware of a boundary conditions. To put is simply, domain driven design works for the relatively complex projects. There may not be a domain model as design pattern at all since it may not be the best choice for every system.

  2. Iconix assumes sophisticated deisgn. Not every project needs it and not every project has developers capable of absorbing it. There are tons of data-centric or purely data manipulation applications out there.

  3. No community, stale web site. I don't know of anybody who uses the process.

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