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What is the best way to store lists (collections) of simple types in Google App Engine for Java?

I usually use something like that:

public class Person {
// ....     

@Persistent(serialized = "true")
 private List<Date> DatesList;

// ....

I am not sure how it is stored in DataStore, atomically or as a list of references? Hence wanted to get your advice on implementing these kinds of collections in a best way for performance of a query.

Like in the example above, when I load the object, will the DateList will be loaded with it. Or it will be loaded when accessed fro first time?

Does @defaultFetchGroup attribute affect this collection?


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The list will be returned/loaded by the datastore along with the rest of the object, not when it is first referenced.

GAE JDO Collections
If a field is declared as a List, objects returned by the datastore have an ArrayList value. If a field is declared as a Set, the datastore returns a HashSet. If a field is declared as a SortedSet, the datastore returns a TreeSet.

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this is right, but the "loading referenced entities" link is misleading, and should probably be removed. the question is just talking about a simple list property, not reference properties that point to separate entities. –  ryan Jan 28 '11 at 21:07

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