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I've seen other apps are using a round icon for closing a view. The only similar icon I found is UIBarButtonSystemItemStop. But this presents only a rotated cross with a border (as always with buttons) around it.

I rather would like have something like a UIButtonTypeInfoLight. If this button is used, no border is visible. Also the icon is a round grey icon with a symbol (here i symbol) in it. Are there further icons in this style available? Neither UIBarButtonSystemItem nor UIButtonType is offering that.

I have also seen a thunderbolt icon in the style of UIButtonTypeInfoLight. Are these icons self made? If yes, how are they included so that no border is visible?

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These buttons are custom.

You can embed any custom view into bar using [UIBarButtonItem initWithCustomView:].

You can use UIButton with UIButtonTypeCustom type so that you have button with no border. Also set showsTouchWhenHighlighted to YES so that button glows like info button.

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