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Is it possible to assign an int variable a value that is a result of expression written in a string? E.g. I have a string "5 - 3" and the expected result is 2.

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possible duplicate of in c#: expression evaluation function like flash script – Henk Holterman Sep 28 '10 at 10:12

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That's the arcticle I start my search with :) – tyumener Sep 28 '10 at 11:20

You can use Calculator.NET

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Thx for this. Will be useful at some point. – Noel Abrahams Sep 28 '10 at 10:18
Thanks! I believe that is what I need. – tyumener Sep 28 '10 at 10:34

Another open one:

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Thanks for your reply. That's what I need. Unfortunately can not mark it as useful - don't have enough reputation. – tyumener Sep 28 '10 at 11:20
That's no problem. :) – Ruel Sep 28 '10 at 11:42

If you fancy writing your own (I did, it's fun!). Have a look on Wikipedia for:

Shunting Yard Algorithm and Reverse Polish Notation

The pseudo-code is really clear and it's a great learning experience

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There is nothing built into the framework, so you can either built your own mathematical expression parser, or use one of the many libraries out there.

A search on ".net arithmetic parser" comes up with many results, some free, some not.

For instance:

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