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I am trying to generate a schema from this xml file:

I store it as s.xml and then tried:

xsd s.xml

It just does not finish it - seems to be stuck in an endless loop or something. What other options do I have to generate the xsd or can you see something wrong?



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A schema generated from a single instance document is never going to be as high quality as one created from a schema as you can be almost certain that the generated schema will have distinct limitations.

I would suggest that you download the schema from the NIH ( as @Tuomas Hietanen showed) and use a tool such as James Clark's Trang to generate a schema. Your resulting schema is likely to be of higher quality. If you have a copy of Oxygen you can simply use that as Trang is built-in.

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Thanks - makes sense. That sounds interesting. – csetzkorn Sep 28 '10 at 12:28

On the fly, this site do the job :

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