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Hello every one i m tringing to run the following code but unfortunately facing Error problems


package jskypeexample;

// import the JSkype packages import; import; import; import java.lang.Thread; import java.lang.Exception;

/** * * @author swhite */ public class JSkypeExample implements MessageListenerInterface {

// create a messenger which we'll use for sending messages private AbstractMessenger msgr = null;

/** Creates a new instance of JSkypeExample */ public JSkypeExample() {

msgr = new Messenger(); msgr.addListener(this); msgr.initialize(); try { // This number may vary on your system depending on the amount // of time required to initialize the msgr. Thread.sleep(1000); // send the Skype API text command msgr.sendMessage("Message seanmwhite Hello from UI Student"); msgr.sendMessage("SEARCH FRIENDS"); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } }

public static void main(String[] args) { new JSkypeExample(); }

public void onMessageReceived(String str) { // This is where you will handle all strings that are returned. System.out.println(str); }


But when i comment following lines then it runs well

msgr.initialize(); msgr.sendMessage("Message seanmwhite Hello from UI Student"); msgr.sendMessage("SEARCH FRIENDS");

but i have to send commands to receive response Actually i m using JSkype Api (open source api fro java )

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You have to set your boolean value that your initilaze function is returning to true or catch that execpetion if it is false.

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