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I am thinking about how an application can be written to work on both Windows 7 Phone and IPhone, one option is to use MonoTouch and structure the app with MVVM, then only the views will need to be different between the platforms.

However MonoTouch does not seem to support data binding.

When (if) data binding support is added to MonoTouch, please provide an answer to this quesions and I will change the excepted answer.

see also Is there any data binding mechanism available for iOS?

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Straight out of the box, though, MonoTouch doesn't support databinding. It follows the Apple MVC framework for apps, which doesn't have binding at all. There is a project on github that simplifies a lot creating data tables, though: http://github.com/migueldeicaza/MonoTouch.Dialog.

There has been talks recently about porting some of the silverlight code (from moonlight) to MonoTouch, now that Apple opened the floodgates on what can be done with iOS apps. The Novell guys haven't released anything yet, but my guess is that somebody is probably looking into it right now.

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There is an open source framework that started with MonoTouch.Dialog and added DataBinding. It has taken on a life of its own and the goal now is to be a common framework for iOS, Android, and WP7. Although it is still in beta for iOS only at this point.


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MVVMCross has to be the way to go, it is currently in V3 beta and is very robust.


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See comment and also updated answer from @Blounty

Probably not the databinding answer you were after... but the MonoCross framework has now hit version 1.0

This framework provides an MVC base for WP7, Droid and Touch.

I've just (in the last week) started adding our own binding support inside Droid and Touch - for our app, it's easy enough to bind to the INotifyPropertyChanged event and to make your own UI adjustments.

More info on http://code.google.com/p/monocross

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I've recently updated our mvvmcross library which provides some databinding support for touch and droid - the source is available at github.com/slodge/mvvmcross –  Stuart Feb 21 '12 at 21:15

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