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I have a request from a User Group to implement the following:

  1. Introduce a set of templates that have some Hidden Text on the page as instructions
  2. Display the Hidden Text the first time a document is created using the templates
  3. Introduce a custom button to toggle the Hidden Text display

1) The templates are now created. Manual toggle of Hidden Text works.
2) should be dealt with using Auto_New to set the state of Hidden Text

3) is causing me grief. I have the code that toggles the Hidden Text and the State of the custom button when I am in the templates and the Auto New code is fine when I am in the templates covered in 1), however the state of the button also needs to be reset when I am in other templates.

What I need is something to set the status of the button depending on the Hidden Text setting whenever any document is created.

Any ideas?

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I've created a macro under Normal that sets the button according to the status of HiddenText.

Not exactly what I want, in that the button may be in the wrong position when changing window views, but it's good enough...

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