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I am going to be developing a site for a client and am torn between using WordPress or Drupal. I have moderate experience with WordPress, a little less with Drupal.

The site will feature regular postings from the site administrators, but also needs to allow easy postings from authorized members. Members can join via the site or via Facebook/Open ID. Postings would include images, and the ability to incorporate content from YouTube, Flickr, maybe others. Postings would allow for comments, which would generally be moderated.

There would also be areas of the site that incorporate RSS feeds, twitter/facebook integration, and somewhere down the road some possible e-commerce type stuff.

The people who will do the day-to-day admin work are moderately computer savvy, but don't have any real CMS experience.

I like the power and extensibility of Drupal, but am worried that it may be too much complexity; but likewise I am worried that Wordpress may not be extensible enough.

Any thoughts/recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm slightly biased because I have more knowledge in the Drupal realm of things more so than Wordpress, however, given your criteria you may want to think about investing more time into learning Drupal, especially if you see this project as something you want to continue to grow over time.

Drupal was built as a fine-grained multi-role system where you can assign different permissions to different roles to do different things (e.g. content editor, content reviewer, member, etc.) and assign users to these roles.

Also, Drupal has a lot of modules available that just plug in and work to enhance the system (probably Drupal's greatest strength). The trick is trying to figure out which ones to use for your use cases, and understanding when it makes more sense to build a custom module. For your scenario, you may want to check out these modules:

http://drupal.org/project/twitter <--for twitter integration
http://drupal.org/project/fbconnect <-- for logging in with Facebook
http://drupal.org/project/emfield <-- for easily adding youtube, flickr to content
http://drupal.org/project/feeds <-- RSS feed agregation
http://drupal.org/project/ubercart <-- a fully fledged eCommerce module

Drupal does have its learning curve, and for getting started, I would recommend a good book like: http://www.drupalbook.com for increasing your knowledge on the development side of things.

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Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, but thanks for the great links! –  Gary Oct 18 '10 at 16:23
There is a pretty strong equivalent for all of those integrations and more with Wordpress too. Jigoshop on Wordpress is simply much better to work with. To OP: play with both the systems and go with the one that seems more comfortable for you. –  PKHunter Aug 6 at 2:05

A software package that does not meet your requirements is likely to be more complex than a software package that does. Managing the wrong piece if software is complex!

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Good philosophy! –  MikeAinOz Sep 29 '10 at 8:39

This may seem like it shouldn't matter, but how strong are you on front-end development? I say this because although Drupal does have a large variety of themes I have found that getting those themes to work properly with modules and custom elements can be an absolute nightmare. If this project is going to be handled by you and you alone, I would recommend Wordpress. Not only does Wordpress offer just as wide a variety of extensions as Drupal (plugins), but the html it spits out is much easier to style.

Also, in my past experience of working with editorial teams in both a Wordpress and Drupal environment I have found that with Wordpress MUCH less of my time has been spent troubleshooting issues for writers. Lastly, though custom user roles cannot be created from the admin interface they can be added very easily by writing a simple plugin.


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HAving been in a similar decision making role, WP wins hands down for us. I don't want my CMS to require a PhD to edit/write.

The availability of plugins for WP is unmatched. For login and connectivity, all the social media including Korean and Chinese social networks. (Facebook and Twitter to which one of the answers here links is trivial these days.)

As for ecommerce, Jigoshop or WP-Ecommerce are significantly more advanced than anything in the Drupal world.

For managing workflow of content, just use Role Manager plugin. It's way more sophisticated and yet SIMPLE to use than anything in the Drupal world.

And the themes and customizability in Wordpress is stellar.

Need custom content (post types)? Very easy to do with both the backend and the templating for frontend.

I still have to see a compelling reason to see Drupal. I want to spend my time focusing on stuff that my website is about, not uprooting my hair on some geeky glitches with a CMS.

Good luck.

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If the site is going to be administered by users, I would defenitely vote for WordPress. It's simple, so you won;t have to explain how to publish a new post many times, while Drupal posesses advanced functionality, which may be unnecessary, but can be too complicated for non technical users.

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