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In my NAnt project, I'd like to fire off a batch file and just forget about it. So I tried pulling something like this:

<exec program="start" commandline="cmd /c c:\mybat.bat" />

But NAnt complains:

'start' failed to start
    The system cannot find the specified fileBlockquote

start cmd /c c:\mybat.bat works if I run it straight from the command line. Ideas?

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Take a look at this AsyncExec task. Also, IIRC start is not a real program but a command, which is why you're getting that error.

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A simpler alternative to use it the:

<exec ... pidproperty="pid1" spawn="true" />
<exec ... pidproperty="pid2" spawn="true" />
<exec ... pidproperty="pid3" spawn="true" />
<waitforexit pid="${pid1}" />
<waitforexit pid="${pid2}" />
<waitforexit pid="${pid3}" />

See NAnt exec task and NAntContrib waitforexit task

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