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I need to reference a C++ dll from my Java project. The method that I need to expose is actually written in Visual Basic. Is there any way to access the Visual Basic code in C++, so that it can eventually be accessed in the Java project?

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jmac posted the original question on my behalf. I needed to find a way to call VB DLL function from a C++ DLL.

I've given up on the VB DLL and opted for a C# DLL. The following link provides a downloadable Visual Studio solution that provides a project called DLLExporter that exports C# functions thus making them available to C++. The VS solution was written in a version earlier than 2010 but the VS 2010 migrator had no problem importing it.


It solved my problem.

For the record, I tried to wrap my VB DLL inside the C# DLL but it didn't work. So I just migrated my VB code to C#.

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You can use OS native DLLs from your Java project using Java Native Interface (JNI):

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Assuming this is VB 6.0 and not VB.NET, you need to create an MFC DLL wrapper for your VB ActiveX DLL.

Here's more information on Exporting VB DLL Functions.

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You have to use JNI (Java Native Interface) technology.

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I highly recommend the Java JNI Tutorial.

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as per Andriy Sholokh ,u need to use JNI to communicate with c or c++ from your java project. You have to use native method inside your java code. hope it will help you.

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