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How can I open a .chm help file in a particular section using Python? Actually I am opening the file with the following function:

def help(self):
  # Open the help file
  os.startfile( os.getcwd()+"/config/help.chm") 
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Other sugestion :

subprocess.Popen("hh.exe d:/help.chm::/4_Userguide.htm#_Toc270510")
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I find a way to do it, but is more related to the hh program in Windows:

My help file was generated using the program chmprocessor which generate the chm file and I generate a hhk file (containing the references). Using this file I used the following code

def help(self)

  os.system("hh.exe d:/help.chm::/4_Userguide.htm#_Toc270510")

I think this is the way, If there are another easy way. please let me know.



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