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I've got a tileList in a Flex 3 website. I want to programmtically turn off the visibility of a tile. So for example:

<mx:ArrayCollection id="myAC">
    <mx:Button id="first" label="1" />
    <mx:Button label="2" />
    <mx:Button label="3" />
    <mx:Button label="4" />


<mx:Button id="turnOffVisibility" click="visibleOff(event)" />

 private function removey(event:MouseEvent):void {


I'm not able to "grab" the first item in the arrayCollection and set its visibility to false.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Thank you.


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dataProvider is not collection of controls. It is collection of description objects. It is itemRenderer who actually present inside of TileList. I guess you mean Tile instead of TileList? If so, just put your buttons in Tile and control them directly.

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Hi alxx, Thank you for your message. I re-wrote it and put a button in an itemRenderer. I change the buttons in the arrayCollection to objects. –  Laxmidi Sep 28 '10 at 17:15

Remove the item from the dataProvider, and the List control will update correspondingly.

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