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I am using Eclipse for the past two months. I didnt used javadocs in it before. Today i searched for hibernate javadocs and got hibernate-3.2.2.ga-javadoc.jar. But i dont know how to add it in eclipse. Any suggestions!!

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Simple steps to include hibernet in eclipse................

Visit http://www.jboss.org/tools/download/stable/3_1_GA.html (BROKEN LINK)

Downloaded file name should look like “HibernateTools-3.3.0.v200910281724M-H247-M4.zip”

Extract it with your favor zip tool

Copy the extracted plugin and feature folders to Eclipse’s plugin & feature folders

Restart Eclipse.......!!
It's Done.. :-)
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If you right click on the JAR file under "Referenced Libraries" -> Properties -> Javadoc Location -> Javadoc in archive and then either point it to a jar you've imported into your workspace or on your local machine by using the "archive path" box.

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You can also simply add the URL of the javadoc like http://docs.jboss.org/hibernate/core/3.6/javadocs/ in the properties of the jar !

enter image description here

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Here is the complete guide lines, that I have followed and it worked for me.



I am not promoteing myself. But I hope this will help to someone. Thanks.

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