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I'm trying to do a potentially long background process in response to an incoming AJAX request, but using nohup or setsid via shell_exec causes the server to fork bomb. We use suexec and FastCGI, and when it bombs it took the entire server to a crawl.

shell_exec("nohup /home/me/myscript.php");

The script doesn't do anything lengthy right now, just outputs to an non-existant file (which never happens, because it blows up first)


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You should definitely ask on serverfault, more experts there. But one thing: you should as a precaution nohup the php interpreter before the script (nohup /usr/bin/php /home/../script.php). These kind of utils don't work well on shebang scripts. – mario Sep 28 '10 at 18:37

I've always seen the warnings at (although you're using nohup, I knoẁ) as a warning that forking from webserver processes is not a safe way to go. If a background process needs starting, I'll create a daemon / always running job process which can receive such requests (and hasn't got anything to do with the webserver), which forks/nohups at will.

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