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Sorry if this has been asked and answered. I did a search but came up empty.

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It is very useful for debugging to run tests on a secondary monitor. Unfortunately you cannot specify on which monitor browser should be opened. The options are: 1. Open browser and drag it to the desired monitor, then close it. Next time it will be opened on that monitor 2. Use software like Ultramon to control on which monitor to start browser.

Also you can use a virtual machine that will be run on the second monitor - just drag it there

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My SUT (system under test) opens a new window at certain points in my test scenario. I have three monitors and I wanted to send it to a different monitor. Oh well. The technique that I finally settled on for forcing which monitor the app opens in is to use my Macbook's System Preferences -> display to set which window is the main window. It was defaulting to my laptop (too small) and everytime a window would pop it would pop there. By making one of my large displays the main window, everything now pops there. Thank you for answers. –  Mike Jr Oct 1 '10 at 22:12

My solution is install an VNC server, open the VNC in one of the monitors and launch selenium through the VNC. Then you have always one monitor for the browsers of selenium without the annoying windows opened each time a test is launched

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Interesting ... –  Mike Jr Oct 1 '10 at 22:14

In OSX Mavericks you can assign destop from the Options menu when clicking and holding the icon from the dock. This solved the problem for me.

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