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In Maven 3 there are new DSL replacements for the POMs. See: http://polyglot.sonatype.org/groovy.html for the wonderfully terse syntax.

Is there something similar that can be used for Spring applicationcontext.xml files?

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In Spring 3 you may use Java-based container configuration, see 3.11 Java-based container configuration. It also plays well with autodetection of components. To use these features instead of applicationContext.xml, add the following to web.xml:


        ... package and class names to use for configuration ...

You may also configure DispatcherServlet in the same way - with <init-param> instead of <context-param>.

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And you can also write this configuration in groovy, so it will much terse. –  uthark Sep 28 '10 at 19:09

Have a look at the Grails Spring BeanBuilder, that provides a "groovy" way for the definition and configuration of Spring beans: http://www.grails.org/Spring+Bean+Builder

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