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What is simplest/best way to achieve functionality in vba in Excel:
- button "add person" which will add 4 rows in which user specifies name..., also "
- button "delete person" appearing in new added entry - to delete it

What is a workflow for doing that?

Should I record that first? Should I write VBA only? How to keep the part that can be added/deleted - somewhere hidden or in VBA?

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What have your tried so far? Does the button need to insert the rows at a particular point in the worksheet, or does it just have to populate cells at the end of a range? –  Lunatik Sep 29 '10 at 10:59
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well the simplest solution is to create macros;

  1. to add person after that, you need to assign this macro to the button with vba ( by right click and assign macro).and loop it 4 times.

  2. to delete person -->1st you make the button and set the visibility to false. After that you need to identify the row number, and set the button to visible in vba

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