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I'm trying to print CCK field in my node.tpl.php -file like this; print $node->field_name_here[0]['view']; But when I navigate to that page, I can't see the contents. Even when i use print_r($node); I can't see any info about the variable. Drupal only renders everything else in node.tpl.php -file.

BUT... if I stop the execution of node.tpl.php by putting die(); anywhere after the print_r() or print $node->field_name_here[0]['view']; the CCK field / variable renders as it should.

It's not issue with permission since I have allowed all users to see the contents of these fields. I even tried to disable and uninstall CCK field permissions -module, but still can't print CCK fields in my template properly.

What am I missing here?

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Have you checked the page source for your expected output? The die(); statement should normally make no difference concerning already printed stuff, so I'd suspect that your output is on the page, but just not visible in the browser due to CSS/Markup. – Henrik Opel Sep 29 '10 at 6:10
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$node = (object) $node;
$node = node_build_content($node, $teaser, $page);
$content = drupal_render($node->content);
// Allow modules to modify the fully-built node.
node_invoke_nodeapi($node, 'alter', $teaser, $page);
return $node;

Just pass your loaded node with above lines of code .This will return you the [view] of the node.

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shouldnt it be the following?

 print $node->field_name_here[0]['value']; 

instead? (value instead of view) - In scripts i acces them like that and it's also shown on the node's devel tab

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check in the content type display tab.{content-type}/display

There is a good chance that the display for the field you are trying to work with is set to none the checkbox of "exclude" is checked.

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