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Is there a good Javascript library for generating an automatically scrolling list like the "Top Tweets" on the Twitter homepage? Preferable as jQuery plugin. It should also support AJAX functionality (to add new list items dynamically).

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As we were not really satisfied with the existing solutions we implemented one from scratch. Our solution is a fully jQuery UI compatible ticker plugin (also compatible with their theming framework) and fully unit tested. We didn't yet have the time to test it under every browser, so feedback is welcome (for problems please open issues on the below Github project site).

A special styled demo (Twitter like) is available here. The main main repository can be found here (ticker branch). There are several options to customize the ticker (documentation at the above mentioned Github repository).


Ticker Screenshot

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The demo link on this answer doesn't work any more ... any chance of an update? –  Tim Barrass Oct 14 '12 at 21:30
Hi Tim, I just updated the links to the new demo and repo. Ticker is part now of a little javascript (jquery ui) widget library called Fiji (github.com/medihack/fiji). –  Zardoz Oct 31 '12 at 16:43

Here is a nice solution: Scrolling List

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That is the best solution I was able to find: Scrolling List

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If you want to write your own, make a div of fixed width/height, with overflow: hidden, then create another div inside it, with the position: relative property, filled with content from your feed (twitter posts, or similar, etc). Then, when the page loads just make the inner div's top: CSS value change (if you want the list to scroll up, the top value should decrement from zero).

I doubt this helps, but it is quite a good, simple way to get a scrolling without using a jQuery plugin.

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try this link http://www.amitpatil.me/tweeter-like-top-tweet-jquery-plugin/

you can find ready code here just need some changes

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