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I'm making a game that will allow content development and I'd like it to be sort of a DLL based system. But, my game works for Linux (X86 arch) , Mac OSX and 32 bit Windows. Is there a way I could allow content developers to compile only one thing and have it work based on the platform? I fear it might get confusing if there are 3 versions per plugin. What could I do?


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What's wrong with platform-indenpendent scripting languages? Lua, Python? That kind of thing? They work with C++. They plugin? Are they possibilities? – S.Lott Sep 28 '10 at 23:05
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You can decide to use a cross-platform scripting environment like Lua for plugins. This is essentially what most cross-platform games do.

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You could possibly use LLVM as a middle ground if you want C or C++ plugins. Have plugin devs ship LLVM assembly/bytecode, and use LLVM's runtime code emission to compile it to native code when you load it.

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Unless things have changed drastically since I last looked at cross platform development if you are using c/c++ you need to compile and link for the operating system you are going to execute on.

So if you want to run on 3 operating systems you need 3 binaries.

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You could alternatively have devs ship sources and invoke the compiler on the user's system, but that doesn't work well on Windows unless you ship GCC with the app. – Michael Ekstrand Sep 28 '10 at 23:09

weren't e.g. Xfree86 and/or Xorg drivers (video? or something else?)

"cross-OS" so they could be built once and "run" on any OS, at least on the same CPU....

no idea how that works ... a virtual machine of some kind perhaps???

probably overkill ...but certainly possible.....

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