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I have a class Document (in a mongodb collection) and persist various sub classes (like Page < Document). Now I do a Document.all()- how do I generate links to the document's edit action pointing to the right controller (PageController for pages) without being verbose about it?

<%= link_to document.title, [:admin, document] %>

points to 'show;, how can I make it point to 'edit' without specifying the controller?

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You can prepend :edit to your resource link:

link_to document.title, [:edit, :admin, document]

It will create the proper link (i.e. /admin/page/1/edit, /admin/document/2/edit), provided that you have a route defined for each resource.

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thanks a lot. Found this nowhere in the docs... –  Jan Sep 29 '10 at 13:13

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