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I would like to do the following

      match "company/client-list" => 'companies#list'

however, when I do, my routes table entry doesn't name the route, like so.

    /company/client-list(.:format) {:controller=>"companies", :action=>"list"}

as soon as I remove the hyphen in the matched route, it behaves as expected

    company_clientlist /company/clientlist(.:format) {:controller=>"companies", :action=>"list"}

Anyone have any ideas how to include hyphens in my matched routes?

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What is the returned route for this one? match "company/client-list" => 'companies#list'? I think that this route should work, try it in your browser. – Yannis Sep 29 '10 at 6:50
The route works if I go to it directly, but I cannot use it in a linked route... <%= link_to "clients", company_client-list_path %> doesn't work. – kayluhb Sep 29 '10 at 16:40
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And I have the answer:

match 'company/client-list' => 'companies#list', :as => 'client_list'

This makes the following entry in my routes table

client_list /company/client-list(.:format) {:controller=>"companies", :action=>"list"}

Go Team!

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