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I've got a Hash with a default proc that I'd like to Marshal to a file, but the default proc prevents me from doing that.

Rather than writing my own _dump and _load methods, is it possible instead to remove the default proc instead? At the point where I'm Marshalling I'm never going to need the default proc again.

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Just reset the default:

h.default = nil

More explicitly:

def dumpable_hash(h)
  return h unless h.default_proc
  copy = h.clone  
  copy.default = nil # clear the default_proc

In Ruby 2.0, you can also write h.default_proc = nil if you prefer. Available for all Rubies with require 'backports/2.0.0/hash/default_proc'.

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Turns out h.default = nil clears the default proc -- that's all I needed. Thanks! –  Stewart Johnson Sep 29 '10 at 4:30
It's also possible to dump hashes that have a default value object, such as Hash.new(42). Not that I like having default value objects unless they're immutable. –  Andrew Grimm Jun 30 '11 at 23:19

In case you would want to have a copy without defaults, the simplest way -

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