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It seems there's not a whole lot of documentation out there covering how to add custom fields to a Devise authentication solution in a Rails 3 app.

Along with the required e-mail and password for users to sign up, I'd like a few other custom fields put in and validated and since there are no controllers generated with Devise, how does one do this?

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When you do rails generate devise_views all the views for the features you selected will go in your app/views/devise folder. You could simply add the fields defined in your model to those views. If you need to customize the controller, create

class YourModel::DeviseFeaturesController 

by DeviseFeatures I meant RegistrationsController, ConfirmationsController or whichever features you decided to use.

There is a great screencast about it: RailsCasts-customizing-devise

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Can you provide an example for us newbies out there? The RailsCasts doesn't dwell into this matter. Thanks! – Landitus Jan 7 '11 at 4:58

I needed this same thing. There is a great article I found to help me:

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