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I wrote a sh program which when you type in the argument which is a file name of an image the program would preview it and this can take multiple arguments (as show below)


for i in $*; do if [ ! -f "$i" ]; then    
echo "invalid file $i"    
display -size 40x50 $i &    

How would i be able to limit the number of arguments to 5?

Please help! Thanks

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Not directly related to your question: replace $* by "$@" and $i by "$i". Otherwise your script will fail with file names containing whitespace or \\[?*. –  Gilles Sep 29 '10 at 18:57

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You can check $# which is a count of number of command line arguments to the script and ensure that it is not more than 5.

You can do it like:

if [ $# -gt 5 ]; then
        echo '>5 arguments given..exiting'
        exit 1                                                                  

# your existing script here.
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so how would i write it out like? –  GuzzyD Sep 29 '10 at 6:37
if [ $# -gt 5 ]; then
    echo 'No more than 5 arguments are allowed'
    exit 1
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