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I am using clearcanvas library to read and work with dicom files. However, as stated here http://www.clearcanvas.ca/dnn/Community/Forums/tabid/69/aff/8/aft/14041/afv/topic/afpg/1/Default.aspx they don't support dicom structured reports yet. Do you know any other free .net library or dll which I can use for that? Do you have any other suggestion on how to display dicom structured reports with .net?

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It seems that I'll have to implement it myself... –  draganstankovic Oct 18 '10 at 9:39

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Check mDCM. ClearCanvas is based on mDCM, so it is very possible it does not support it either. However, since they've been branched, there are some inconsistencies in features. It's located at: https://github.com/rcd/mdcm

There are few (and emphasis on few) other managed code libraries, which I have not used. My only experience is with ClearCanvas and mDCM, so your mileage may vary:

The other option is to try to interface with DCMtk (C++). DCMtk is fairly low level, but probably as a powerful as you'll get. Might be a headache to integrate.

Last resort (and I did this with something besides structured reports, but should work) - in your .NET app, pipe the files through one of the DCMtk command line tools to get the data you need and then manually display it. Ridiculous, but was a a life saver for me once.

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