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I'm trying to use the MySQL Connector/Net to connect a c# program to a MySQL Server.

Problem is, the MySQL server is version 4.x, and the connector throws this exception:

Connector/Net no longer supports server versions prior to 5.0

Is there a way to connect to this older MySQL Server?

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Sam, I have a copy of MyODBC-standard-3.51.9-win.msi if that is of any use, I can email it to you.

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As stated in the MySQL Connector/NET 6.3.0 change history:

Support for MySQL Server 4.1 has been removed from MySQL Connector/NET starting with version 6.3.0. The connector will now throw an exception if you try to connect to a server of version less than 5.0.

However by installing an earlier version of the Connector you will still be able to connect to MySQL Server version 4.1. For example, I was able to successfully connect to MySQL Server version 4.1.25 using MySQL Connector/NET 6.2.4.

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