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Does anybody know if red5 can be deployed on Mircosoft Azure Cloud? The only hint I got was in MSDN forum:

Thanks! Marc

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Assuming the JDK usage is fairly normal, you should be able to make this work using a worker role that handles traffic and uses p/invoke to launch the red5 service.

Honestly, though, its likely you'll be blazing your own trail on this one.

I would recommend giving it a try ... you'll never know until ya know. Then post blocking questions here, vs just "does it work". Azure is new, so a lot of these "edge" scenarios are just waiting for someone to give them a whirl. Be the first :)

good luck

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:-) Okay, I will continue this thread with my results, as soon as I have them. – Marc Loeb Sep 30 '10 at 7:26

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