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When trying to plot a normal PDF with mean=0 and standard deviation=20 using the MATLAB command normpdf() I get weird results, see picture.

alt text

The code used to plot the figure is as follows:


What is the correct way of using this function?

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When you call plot with ONE argument, it plots those numbers on the y axis, using the index numbers of those values for the x axis. If you wanted the x axis scaled properly, you had to provide them in the first place. Thus...

x = -100:0.1:100;
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How stupid of me. Thanks a lot! –  Ingo Sep 30 '10 at 13:24

I assume you expected the x-axis to be centered at 0? You need to specify an x-vector for plot. Try plot([-100:0.1:100], normpdf((-100:0.1:100),0,20));.

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