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what is the best Solution to change tablix layoutdirection at run time ?

I want to Swap column order cuse iam using tow language in my report (Arabic , English ) , i want to sawap Tablix layout direction from LTR to RTL at Run time , cuse in this prop i can't write expression

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Deleted my earlier answer, as it was based on a misunderstanding of the issue (which is that the LayoutDirection property of a tablix cannot have an expression entered - it can only be hardcoded to either LTR or RTL). –  Mark Bannister Sep 29 '10 at 11:34
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New answer: I suggest having two tablixes, identical except for the LayoutDirection property (LTR on one, RTL on the other) and for the Visibility>Hidden property, which would be an expression based on a parameter value - something like =IIf(Parameters!RTL.Value="T",True,False) for the LTR Tablix, and vice versa for the RTL Tablix.

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