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I am accessing .NET webservice methods from my Android application using Java SOAP jar. I am getting response for a specific webservice method as an array . Do we have an API within the Java SOAP library to convert the response from array to XML(String) ?

Also , since using the external SOAP jar is around 90 KB in size , would like to know of an alternative approach by which we can access webservice , maybe a RESTful Web Services implementation or anything of a similar type, which wont require to add an external jar to the Android application & hence reduce the application size.

It would be nice if someone can come up with the changes to be done on the server end for implementing the RESTful WebServices in .NET & the client code for the same which I think will be only a HTTP connection .

Kindly provide your valuable *comments/code snippet*s on the same.

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Try using "KSoap2" it is leightweight and it is open source so you add just the libraries to your project and you can implement your method returning pure XML.


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