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Hi I've been using Castle project for the first time and facing a problem in registering a component with the container in a console application. Following is the castle.config file:

    <section name="castle"
        type="Castle.Windsor.Configuration.AppDomain.CastleSectionHandler, Castle.Windsor" />
      <component id="messageSender"
               type="CastleTest.SecretMessageSender, CastleTest">

      <component id="encoder.silly"
                service="CastleTest.IEncoder, CastleTest"
                type="CastleTest.SillyEncoder, CastleTest" />

      <component id="encoder.null"
                service="CastleTest.IEncoder, CastleTest"
                type="CastleTest.NullEncoder, CastleTest" />



Following is main class where I'm trying to register my component:

namespace CastleTest
    class testNewCastle
        static void Main(string[] args)
            IWindsorContainer container = new WindsorContainer();

            **Tried various methods to register components here**

            SecretMessageSender sender = container.Resolve<SecretMessageSender>("messageSender");

            sender.SendMessage("Rahul", "Testing using Castle!");

Following is SecretMessageSender class:

namespace CastleTest
    public interface IEncoder
        string Encode(string source);

    public class SecretMessageSender
        private readonly IEncoder _encoder;
        private readonly string _from;

        public SecretMessageSender(string from, IEncoder encoder)
            _from = from;
            _encoder = encoder;

        public void SendMessage(string to, string body)
            Console.WriteLine("to: {0}\r\nfrom: {1}\r\n\r\n{2}", to, _from, _encoder.Encode(body));

Please help me in running this code.


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More information in the docs about installers.

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