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I have Two SQL Query Both Return

select round(convert(float,'24367.723'),2)



select convert(varchar(20),round(convert(float,'24367.723'),2))


Why the Second Query Return exclude the last digit after converting to varchar

Thanks in Advance

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By not specifying a style parameter to the convert function you get the default style (0).

i.e. it is equivalent to doing

select convert(varchar(20),round(convert(float,'24367.723'),2), 0)      

The default style for converting from float to varchar displays a maximum of 6 digits.

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When working with a float the STR() function usually gives better results according to MSDN as you've more control.


select str(convert(float,'24367.723'),8, 2)
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Dont use floats, use exact numberics. Something like this

   convert(varchar(20), convert(numeric(20,2), '24367.72'))
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