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I created the custom flash video player using AS3.when i check the player with youtube downloaded flv files .the player is working fine and streaming well.When I use my encoded video( mov to flv using adobe media encoder cs5) the player is struck while playing and when full streaming completed the player is playing well.

i tried with buffertime increase but it does n't work for me.i am really frustrated with this issue.

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The video won't start streaming until the metadata is loaded. Normally, encoders put the metadata at the end, meaning that the video won't play until it's all loaded.

What you need to do is to configure your encoder to put that metadata first in the file. This should be fairly easy in Adobe's Media Encoder, but you can also use a tool like QTIndexSwapper to move the metadata in an already encoded video.

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hi grapefrukt,actually my problem is it's loading but its' strucking while playing with streaming.And my file type is Flv.i am not using MP4. please check this link – sankar Oct 1 '10 at 11:42

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