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I am playing with a Flex 4 / Air 2 project, that loads Modules at runtime. I can include intrinsic MX classes in my module and all works fine (eg: import mx.controls.Alert).

I can also include my own classes - however, only if the class is in the same folder as the module.


<?xml version="1.0"?> 
        import mx.controls.Alert; // works
        //import MyTestClass;       // works if MyTestClass.as is in same folder as module
        //import Classes.MyTestClass; // throws compiler error


Folder structure:

|-- Classes
    |-- MyTestClass.as
|-- Modules
    |-- MyModule.mxml
`-- application.mxml

So When I attempt to compile my Module, when importing "Classes.MyTestClass", the compiler throws the following error:

"Error: Definition Classes:MyClass could not be found"

I know that the path to the Class is correct, and if I compile the project as an application, rather than a module, all is AOK.

Additionally, if I import "Classes.MyTestClass" in the parent application, all is fine. So I guess I am missing a compiler option to include these classes in the module, but have no idea what! This is how I am compiling the module:

mxmlc -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true -load-externs=../obj/exclude.xml -isolate-styles=false ../src/Modules/MyModule.mxml

"../obj/exclude.xml" is the link report from the "Parent" application.

Can anyone help as to what I am missing?

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You need to include you classes folder as a source path so the compiler can find that class.

Append this command to mxmlc:

-source-path /src/Classes
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You hero... Thanks! –  bob Sep 29 '10 at 13:08

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