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I need to create a mailing list for an Alumni site I am building. Below is how I'd ideally like the mailing list to function.

The User
The user would go to the website, enter their email address (and possibly First/Last name) into the field(s), click on the Subscribe button and then get a verification message (either via pop up, redirect, or email message).

The Site Manager
Each email address (and name) that has successfully subscribed would be compiled into a text document on the server or a group email address. The manager could then either log-in with an admin password to send a bulk email to the subscriber list (ex. OR the admin could just email the list from a G-Mail account.

Does anyone know how to do this effectively? I've searched for days for a tutorial/template but the very few I've tried seem to be either broken, or using a mySQL (which I'd prefer not do).

Thanks in advance!

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Have you considered using something like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp? They have a lot of these things pre-built, and also manage when someone on the list chooses to unsubscribe. Most email programs like that have a simple copy/paste code that allows the functionality. – Jon Harding Sep 29 '10 at 14:29

Use this: .. the best in the market and very adaptive !

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Much appreciated. Not sure how I overlooked that resource when I began looking around... – Justin Cross Oct 5 '10 at 21:32

The database way is, indeed, the best one. If you rather use the text file approach i would suggest something like this:

Inserting Data into the file

$email = "the email";
$firstName = "the first name";
$lastName = "the last name";

$new_line = "$email|$firstName|$lastName\n"; // |  could be other character

$file = fopen("subscribers.txt", "a");
fputs($file, $new_line);

Reading and Parsing Data

$subscribers = array();

$handle = @fopen("subscribers.txt", "r");
if ($handle) {
    while (!feof($handle)) {
        $line = fgets($handle, 4096);

        //parsing the line
        $ar = explode('|', $line);

        //$ar[0] holds the email
        if(key_exists(0, $ar)){
          $email = $ar[0];
          $email= '';

        //$ar[1] holds the first name
        if(key_exists(1, $ar)){
          $firstName = $ar[1];
          $firstName = '';

        //$ar[2] holds the last name
        if(key_exists(2, $ar)){
          $lastName = $ar[2];
          $lastName = '';

        $temp = array(
          'email' => $email,
          'firstName' => $firstName,
          'lastName' => $lastName

        $subscribers[] = $temp;


For looping through the subscribers and using you function to send email

foreach($subscribers as $subscriber){
    //the email

    //the firstname

    //the lastname
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Thanks, Mario! Gonna take a look at this and see how it works out! – Justin Cross Oct 5 '10 at 21:32

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