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If I have an email address, such as doesnotexist@gmail.com I can identify that it belongs to the gmail webmail service from the gmail.com domain name. There are also googlemail.com addresses which belong to the same service.

Is there a known list of domains belonging to popular email services?


  • Hotmail (hotmail.com, live.com..)
  • Gmail (gmail.com, googlemail.com..)
  • Yahoo (yahoo.com..)
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If there isn't, then you could always turn this into CW and have people add the ones they know of in. Like I know sympatico.ca (sympatico.com too?) is under Hotmail, but I know of no list itself. –  Slokun Sep 29 '10 at 15:50

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urlblacklist.com has a 'webmail' category that lists over 400 webmail domains. You can download is here and the list is in under bigblacklist.tar.gz\blacklists\webmail\domains.

Its more targeted towards preventing access to those services though. For example it has:

  • 'login.live.com' but not 'live.com'
  • 'gmail.com' but not 'googlemail.com'

Hopefully its a good starting point though.

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