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i need to get data from array_keys the script i use in the server side:


$friends = json_decode(file_get_contents(
'' .
   $facebook->getAccessToken() ), true);
$friend_ids = array_keys($friends);

the data of array look as above:

   "data": [
         "name": "Tal Rozner",
         "id": "554089741"
         "name": "Daniel Kagan",
         "id": "559274789"
         "name": "ron cohen",
         "id": "100001553261234"

i need to get all this data to an array that i can work with it.

how can i do it ? tanks,

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I don't understand. Based in the JSON data above, which values do you want? – Felix Kling Sep 29 '10 at 16:26
What's preventing you from working with the array in its current form? What specifically are you trying to do with the array? – meagar Sep 29 '10 at 16:31

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Not sure what you mean "work with it." If the JSON response from Facebook is what you posted, you should be able to do this:

foreach ($friends['data'] as $friend) {
    echo "ID: {$friend['id']}" . PHP_EOL;
    echo "ID: {$friend['name']}" . PHP_EOL;
    echo PHP_EOL;

This would produce:

ID: 554089741
Name: Tal Rozner

ID: 559274789
Name: Daniel Kagan

ID: 100001553261234
Name: ron cohen

The $friends var would already be an array due to your use of json_decode(). In this case array_keys() isn't needed, and would only produce array (0, 1, 2).

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If i understand your question correctly (and I am not sure that I do) you might want something like

$by_id = array();
foreach ($friends['data'] as $item) {
    $by_id[ $item['id'] ] = $item['name'];

Which will give you and array that looks like this:

print_r ($by_id);

    [554089741] => Tal Rozner
    [559274789] => Daniel Kagan
    [100001553261234] => ron cohen

Which might be easier for you to work with...

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