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How would i do the following.

My current code is :

<%= f.label :email, html_escape("<span class=\"big\">Test</span>")   %>

This doesn't shows what i want, because the

<span class=\"big\">Test</span>

is shown as text instead of HTML.

I have been thinking of overriding the FormBuilder, but i don't know how i would do this and searching for something similar hasn't solved my problems.

Also, instead of Test i want to show the variabel: email.

I just want to solve the problem that i have :)

PS. I'm using Rails 3.0.

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All helper in rails 3 are html_escape, so it's not anymore needed.

don't use html_escape and it's works fine. You need use raw

<%= f.label :email, raw("<span class=\"big\">Test</span>")   %>

Or you can mark this chain as safe

<%= f.label :email, "<span class=\"big\">Test</span>".html_safe  %>
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You solved my problem, thanks :) – NicoJuicy Sep 30 '10 at 11:23

You are html_escape'ing the span...that is why the span html is showing up on your page. If you get rid of that, it'll just render as html, which is what you want.

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Originally i didn't used the html_escape, standard it was rendered as text. I needed one of the 2 methods above (raw or .html_safe) – NicoJuicy Sep 30 '10 at 11:27
by default rails escapes the html in your code, so if you didn't use html_escape it does not mean rails will not do it for you. @Dave Pirotte said it right, you were escaping html without knowing it. – rmagnum2002 Jun 6 '13 at 10:03

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