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How do I use html:label in java file?

Say, I want to produce the following from my java file:

<html:label> test label </html:label> 

I tried this:

import org.zkoss.zul.Html;

public class TestLabel {

private Label testLabel;

TestLabel() {

testLabel.setTextContent("test label");



This throws an error as there is no such method as setTextContent for a label. Which method do I use to achieve this?

Thanks, Sony

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setValue(String value)?


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setValue(String value) method is applicable on a HtmlBasedComponent but not on a html label. I am using import org.zkoss.zul.Html; I am passing a html:label from my .zul file to java file and am trying to set the value of the label in my java file. But, setValue method doesn't work. Note that I am not using: org.zkoss.zul.Label. I am using zhtml label. Thanks! –  sony Sep 29 '10 at 17:24
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I am using a Zhtml Label rather than a regular Html Label. So, what I did is I added a regular Html child to Zhtml Label. Meaning,

public class TestLabel {

private org.zkoss.zhtml.Label testLabel;

TestLabel() {
Html update = new Html("a");



The above is just a small test case. But, originally the purpose of doing this is to send the id of a Zhtml label to the java file and perform operations on zhtml label when a particular condition is met. Next, the client performs other operations such as clearing a cache when this zhtml label changes.

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