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some time ago I found an article (Roles: Composable Units of Object Behavior) describing the pros of using Roles versus Interfaces or other ways of dealing with behavior requirements. Does any of you knows where I can find more literature about that, or knows more about Roles?

I know that that's almost a research topic, but maybe someone (maybe some Perl programmer) has tried something with it (Moose?).

Note: the reason for adding tag "perl" is that maybe Perl programmers are more likely to give an answer.

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For Moose based examples, you should check this and that example and this specification.

ETA: For the theoretical aspects, see this page

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I know, but I also wanted to learn more about the Roles base theory, not only in Perl ... –  tunnuz Dec 19 '08 at 23:07
Thank you Leo, so Traits == Roles? –  tunnuz Dec 19 '08 at 23:34
Roles are an implementation of Traits, though there are a couple of small differences. Traits are a bit more 'pure' –  Leon Timmermans Dec 20 '08 at 0:18
Thank you, again. –  tunnuz Dec 20 '08 at 8:24

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