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Is it possible to put a background image, and/or modify the close button (X) in the sidebar's titlebar?

I know I can set the text value of it by changing sidebartitle="" but is there any way to put an image in there?

Basically I'd like to put my logo up there instead of inside the sidebar where real-estate is already limited.

I'd also like to be able to do this without modifying my profile CSS so that I can deploy the changes with the extension.

Any ideas?

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I ended up finding the element within sidebar-box with the ID of "sidebar-header" and setting that to a variable named "sbhead".

I was then able to sbhead.style.display="none";

Finally in my overlay.xul I added an hbox tag as a new header and set the height to 25 pixels so it would look about the same as the tabs.

Inside the hbox I added the content I wanted, to include a close button that calls toggleSidebar() so that the functionality of the header was the same.

I hope this is helpful to someone!

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