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Hi If I write a custom package with nothing but static SQL in it, would it invalidate other package. (other third party packages that were shipped as wrapped code).

a co worker suggests that I re write the custom package in Dynamic SQL, and I will not see this problem. I find this hard to believe because the third party packages are not dependent on my custom package, a compiled package should stay compiled, regardless.

-thank you

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It would only invalidate packages that included your custom package as a dependency.

You should be able to prove that to your co-worker (and yourself) in a test environment.

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+1: Beat me. It wouldn't invalidate the entire package, just the references. – OMG Ponies Sep 29 '10 at 18:10

Compiling a new package won't invalidate anything. By definition, an existing compiled package can't refer to your new package that you haven't created yet.

Recompiling an existing package (that might have some references to it) could invalidate existing packages, of course.

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No. A package with DML statements would not invalidate any package at all.

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