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I'm trying to run a query where two columns are not the same, but it's not returning any results:

SELECT * FROM `my_table` WHERE `column_a` != `column_b`;

column_a AND column_b are of integer type and can contain nulls. I've tried using <> IS NOT, etc without any luck. It's easy to find if they're the same using <=>, but <> and != doesn't return any rows. (using Mysql 5.0).


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The problem is that a != b is NULL when either a or b is NULL.

<=> is the NULL-safe equals operator. To get a NULL-safe not equal to you can simply invert the result:

FROM my_table
WHERE NOT column_a <=> column_b

Without using the null safe operator you would have to do this:

FROM my_table
WHERE column_a != column_b
OR (column_a IS NULL AND column_b IS NOT NULL)
OR (column_b IS NULL AND column_a IS NOT NULL)
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Sweet, this works well, thanks! – Caleb Sep 29 '10 at 19:59
....removed.... – R. Mo Oct 14 '15 at 15:48

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